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Sean Smith's Smooth Agent Session For Framed FM July 2014
July 25, 2014 12:24 PM PDT
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For booking, playlist, etc pls contact also check

Sean Smith W/ DJ Bongani on Smooth Agent Session Thursday July 17, 2014
July 18, 2014 11:47 AM PDT
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This 2 HR set is taken from the 2hr show that is held weekly each Thursday 6pm-8pm cst on The 1st hr is Sean Smith the 2nd hr is Dj Bongani from South Africa.

If you would like to contact Sean Smith for bookings, playlist, etc:

To Contact DJ Bongani for booking, playlist etc:

Sean Smith on Smooth Agent Session Thursday July 10, 2014
July 11, 2014 12:14 PM PDT
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Sean Smith for

Track inquiry, booking, etc pls email @

Sean Smith' April Mix 4 Framed FM UK - Frankie Knuckles Tribute Mix
May 29, 2014 12:56 PM PDT
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Hope you enjoy this special set of tunes I put together to honor Mr. Frankie Knuckles. This set features tracks Mr. Knuckles was known for playing as well as some of his best productions.

Sean Smith W/ Special guest Marc Cotterell of Plastik People Feb 26, 2014
April 30, 2014 11:31 AM PDT
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HR 1 Sean Smith

Sean Smith 2 27 14
1. Soul To Soul "Back To Life (MAW RX) Funky Dreads
2. Kayenne "Love Dont Love You back" NDATL
3. Kayenne "Someone" (Phil Asher) Restless Soul Music
4. Sean Smith Feat. Carla Prather "So Gone" (Greg Gautier RX) Smooth Agent
5. Soulphiction "All lights Go Off" Philpot
6. D-Malice "Hope" Soul Candi
7. Paki Palmieri "Words Of Pray" Tribe
8. Karizma "Nuffin Else" R2
9. Roy Davis & Sean Smith "The Revival" Smooth Agent Tracks
10. Sunburst Band "Time Will Tell" (Joey Negro RX) Records
11. Karmasutra Feat. Corrina Joseph "Burning" NRK

HR 2

Marc Cotterell
For any inquiries..

Sean Smith With Special guest Vincent Inc on Smooth Agent Sessions Feb 13, 2014
April 30, 2014 11:13 AM PDT
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Life has been a lil busy, we still have the music you may have missed.. smiley

HR1 Sean Smith

Sean Smith 2 13 14

1. Donnie "You Got A Friend" (ReelSoul Rx) Whitelabel
2. Kenny Latimore "Days Like This" (MAW RX) Columbia
3. Electric Empire"Always" (Joey Negro RX) Z Records
4. Sunburst Band "Time Will Tell" (Joey Negro RX) Records
5. Soulphiction "All lights Go Off" Philpot
6. Indysoul "Deep Blue" (Future Of The Future) We Go Deep
7 K-Aleki "Dancer" (Ron Trent Mix) CDR
8. Karizma "Nuffin Else" R2
9. Paki Palmieri "Words Of Pray" Tribe
10.Blaq Soul "Vision" (Karizma Rx) Deep Shades
11.The Lamberti boyz "Flights" DM Recordings

HR 2
Vincent Inc

No playlist given..

Pls contact him here for any inquiry's

Sean Smith W/ Special Guest Toto Chiavetta on Smooth Agent Session Feb 6, 2014
February 11, 2014 10:24 PM PST
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Playlist Feb 7, 2014

HR1 Sean Smith
1. Kid Fonique, Cuebur & others “Kid In Motion” (D-Malice RX) Soul Candi
2. Calvin Fallo Feat. Tellman “Rock My World” (Cuebur RX) Soul Candi
3. JayTee “Cloudy Music” Smooth Agent Records Africa
4. Paki Palmeri “Words Of Pray” Tribe
5. Osunlade “Human Beings” (Atjazz RX) Yoruba
6. Sunburst Band “Time Will Tell” Z Records
7. Native Sons & Inya Day “City Life” (Louie Vega Piano Dub) Vega
8. Jamie Lewis & Michelle Weeks “The Light” (David Penn Rx) Urbana
9. The Jackson 5 “Forever Came Today” (Franke Knuccles Rx) Motown
10. Double Exposure “Ten Percent” (MAW RX) Salsoul


Toto Chiavetta Of Yoruba & Vialocal records


Sean Smith Show from Smooth Agent Sessions Jan 26, 2014 Throwback mix to the best of 2011
February 08, 2014 01:55 PM PST
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Good cuts are good cuts! Refreshing to hear this set and I hope you will feel the same way also. No playlist given but if you have a question about anything on the mix pls contact and I will let you know asap.

Sean Smith on Smooth Agent Sessions Jan 16, 2014 Best of 2013!
February 07, 2014 02:28 AM PST
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This mix features the cuts we played heavily in 2013 on Smooth Agent Sessions.
1. Buddy Love Feat. Monde "Intombi" Soul Candi
2. Amaph - "Afro Voso 2" (Timmy Rigisford Edit) CDR
3. Soulsecured "Inner Man" Smooth Agent Records Africa
4. Cornelius Feat. Noxman "I'll Make It" Smooth Agent Records Africa
5. MiCasa "Jika" (Cavin Fallo RX) Soul Candi
6. Deep Xcape "Never To Busy" Soul Candi
7. Josh Milan "Big Bro Estaban" Vega
8. Element Of Life "Barbara Ann" Vega
9. Natahan Adams & Louie Vega "I'm Falling" (Louie Vega Mix) Tribe
10. Louie Vega & Brucie "Angels Are Watching Me" (Roots Mix) Vega
11. Mark Graham Feat. Jean Honeymoon "Passion" (Sean Smith Mix) Smooth Agent
12. Lil Louis "Fabel" (Frankie Knucles Instrumental) CDR
13. Johnick "Heaven" Henry Street
14. Pirahnahead's Soulchstra feat. Eric King "Love Ballad" Whasdat
15. Patrice Rushen "Haven't You Heard (Joey Negro Mix) Z Records
16. Sean Smith "Philly Disco Sound" Smooth Agent Records Tracks
17. Kikko Navara & DJ Fudge "So Tight" Z Records
18. Sean Smith "Evaluation" (Instrumental) Smooth Agent Records Tracks
19. Intralizzi "Pik Nik" (Cube Guys RX) Defected
20. 1200 Warriors "Red Hot" 1200 Warriors
21. Ninetoes "Finder" Kling Klong
22. Sacred Soul Feat. Gigi "Going Places" Soul Candi
23. Stevie Wonder "Supperstition" (Yare Bootleg) CDR
24. Louie Vega & Duane Harden "Never Stop" (Louie Vega RX) Vega
25. Osunlude "Dionne" Yoruba

Sean Smith W/ Special Guest: Luka From We Go Deep (South Africa) On Smooth Agent Sessions Aired Jan 9, 2014
January 12, 2014 01:49 PM PST
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Hr1 Sean Smith

1. DJ Dclown "Bright An Bubbly" Smooth Agent Tracks
2. V. Underground "Gelo Wandi" (Azee Project Remix) Soul Candi
3. Mi Casa "Jika" (Calvin Fallow RX) Soul Candi
4. Soulplate feat. Rainy Payne "1000 Words" Soul Plate
5. Sky "Sondela" Beat Rebelz
6.Marubini Musiq Feat. Sio Blackwidow "Dance After 12" (Pablo Martinez RX) FOMP
7. Ron Trent "Dancer" CDR
8. Ninetoes "Finder" Kling Klong
9. Sean Smith "A Disco" (Ruff Mix) Smooth Agent Tracks
10. Chi Jigs (DJ Darryn & Rahaan) "Mouth Passion" CDR
11. Smith N Hack "To Our Disco Friends" Smith N Hack

HR2. Luka (We Go Deep) South Africa

No Playlist for Luka

Luka's Soundcloud Page:

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